Golden Eagle Trail

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

View near Raven's Horn

View near Raven’s Horn

If you love taking long hikes to awesome mountain views, then you’re going to want to check out this trail!

Now, this trail has been called “the best day hike in Pennsylvania” and, while I would probably give that title to the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park, this is one trail you should definitely explore.  In fact, this was my second time attempting to hike this trail, because the first time my friend and I ended up hiking up someone’s driveway, instead of the trail.  So, the first time, we only managed to hike a small portion of trail, but the second time I was a bit more successful.

I went alone, I saw slithering creatures, came across many hikers and saw some amazing views.  But you can tap into almost everthing I saw by watching the video below…


If you’d like to hike the Golden Eagle Trail in Cammal, Pennsylvania then CLICK HERE for directions to where you’re going to want to park.  Once you park in the parking area, just cross the road and you’ll see a big sign for the start of the trail.  Parking is free and there’s usually plenty of room.


The Golden Eagle trail is a little bit over a 9 mile hike, so you’ll definitely want to be wearing some comfortable boots, have plenty of water and probably bring some food with you.  Depending on what time of year you come, you might have to cross a small “run” of water, but I went in the late summer and there really wasn’t much water to been seen.  But, I would recommend that you hike the trail in a clockwise pattern, so that you can get your legs warmed up  for the steep incline and save the best view for last.

And you will want to watch for snakes, because I came across a timber rattlesnake and a garter snake, neither of which did me any harm.  The timber rattlesnake was down in the lower part of the trail and stayed curled up as I walked by.  It didn’t rattle, move or anything, so don’t worry about them trying to attack you; they will more than likely make some noise and try to get away.  And the garter snake was almost up near the top of Raven’s Horn, just slithering down the trail beside me… nothing to worry about with this one.


If that wasn’t enough for you, then check out the site that feels it’s the best day hike in PA, here:

And if you’d like to travel the trail through the magic of video, without my face popping up, then watch the instrumental version below:

And here are some more pictures:


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