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3 Reasons Why You Should Reserve Campsites Instead of Hotel Rooms for Your Next Vacation


If you're planning on going on a vacation anytime soon then you may want to head to campsites instead of booking expensive hotel rooms.

When you go on vacation you want it to be the most relaxing and rewarding experience without bleeding your wallet dry of all your hard-earned funds.  You want it to be an experience you'll always remember and possibly repeat in the future.

Now, you could go the most common route and reserve hotel rooms, but you may actually be limiting your vacation experience that way.  I'm about to show you why you should book campsites instead to enjoy the full potential of your vacation.

First of all, campsites are cheap! 

When you book a hotel room, you're paying for all the luxuries as well ensuring that your spot is reserved in the crowded hotel.  Most people aim to book hotel rooms when they vacation so as the hotel fills up, the prices go up and you end up with a room you didn't really want.

But the rates for campsites don't fluctuate like hotel rooms do, they are WAY cheaper and there's a good chance that you may be one of only a handful of people camping there.  Compare that with the racket involved with having vacationing families on both sides of you, below you and above you in a hotel.  

And I do realize that most people think campsites are dirty places where you have to go without a shower and be bored out of your mind but that couldn't be further from the truth...

There is just as much to do, if not more, at campsites!

Many campsites have all the luxuries you'd get at a hotel, if not more.  Yes, there are showers at campsites and some even have restaurants and grocery stores!  There are even swimming pools, beaches, hiking trails, wireless internet, campfire pits and sometimes laundry mats.  

You really don't have to "rough it" just because you're at one of your favorite campsites.  Besides, what exactly do you do in your hotel room?  You probably sit on your bed and watch TV, maybe swim in their pool and then get cabin fever and have to get out of the hotel.

Well guess what?  With campsites you ARE outside!  There are so many things to explore and if you don't feel like exploring you can start up a nice fire and hang out with your family and friends, which brings us to the last reason.

Campsites help you reconnect with the people you're with!

I know when I go on vacation, I don't want to be sitting in my hotel room whether I'm with family or friends.  It's just boring!  So, unlike campsites, hotel rooms aren't really part of your vacation experience; you just needed a place to sleep.

But your campsites can actually produce some of the most memorable experiences when you're on vacation.  You'll think back and remember how nice it was to be cuddled up next to a fire with your significant other while you looked up at the stars.  Or the time you found a hidden waterfall while you were hiking with your friends.  Or even how fun it was to see your kids roast marshmallows for the first time.

When you experience things like this with other people, for the first time and every other time you do it, you build memories that last forever.  If campsites can help save you money, allow you to explore new things and actually strengthen the bond between you and the people you're with then why are you even considering booking a hotel room?

Is it because you don't know where to look for campsites?  Well, let me help you with that!

I LOVE traveling all over and finding new outdoor spots with plenty of hidden treasures and guess what?  I take pictures and videos of it all and write up trip reports so that people like you can easily find new campsites to check out!

So if you want to see some of the most amazing places to reserve campsites then...