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Backpacker’s Cache and UDAP Pepper Power

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Be Prepared.

Be Prepared.

Bears can be a really be an issue when you spend a lot of time outside, in THEIR territory, so you need to get yourself these two tools to ensure you stay safe on the trail.  I was going to walk from Delaware to California (cancelled due to financial reasons), and I would have covered a lot of ground out in the woods, so there was a chance I may cross paths with a bear.  And you can read up on all the tactics on what to do whenever you are spotted by a bear, but there is a way to keep them from coming at you.

You see, pepper spray is a great way to get a bear to stop running at you and think twice about coming after you again.  Yes, you will need to spray it at the right time and you need to be sure to spray their face, otherwise they might just keep coming, but not all bear deterrent sprays are created equal.  Some don’t shoot that far, some only give you a tiny stream of pepper spray, some aren’t that spicy and some run out after a few small bursts.  So what happens whenever the bear’s out of range, or you miss and end up using the whole can?  Well, you might be screwed at that point and have to play dead, or scare off the bear another way.

Or you could avoid a situation like that and get some pepper spray with a range of 35 feet, which shoots out a dense fog of the hottest bear spray formula around and is in a bottle so big that you’d have to hold the trigger down for 7 straight seconds to empty it.  And that’s exactly why I got some UDAP Pepper Power in the Super Magnum size (13.4 ounces).  This pepper spray will outperform any other bear deterrent out there, and for good reason… the president of the company was mauled by a grizzly bear!  Sure, they had some pepper spray, and put it to good use, during the attack but it wasn’t bear pepper spray and it was only a 4 ounce container.  So, he set out to make a bear pepper spray that outperformed every other spray out there, in every way he could think of, so that others could avoid what he went through.

And you can see me test out the spray in the video below, but sometimes you’re not even awake when a bear crosses your path; sometimes you’re asleep in your tent.  Did you cook too close to your tent?  Do you have food in your tent?  Did you hang your food from a tree the right way?  I mean, when a bear’s hungry they are going to sniff out some good food and you don’t want to get in the way of them.  But the problem is that hanging your food from a tree can be a hassle, and some parks don’t allow you to use that tactic, so what other choice do you have?

A bear canister!  And a bear canister is a sturdy container that a bear can’t pick up and take away, and can’t figure out how to get inside of it.  So, they end  up playing around with it for a bit, get bored and leave.  And I got myself a Backpacker’s Cache because bears haven’t figured out to get into these canisters and it’s a pretty big container.  And all you have to do is make sure not to eat in or around your tent, put all your “sniffables” inside the container and then set it on the ground, a good distance away from where you sleep.  It’s a lot quicker and more efficient.

But if you’d like to see how the canister works and how powerful the pepper spray is then check out this video…


If you want to get the same exact can of bear spray that I have then CLICK HERE to get one, with a hip holster included.  And there are different sizes made by the same company, if this one is out of your price range.

But if you want the bear canister then CLICK HERE for that.  You can get a case for it on that site as well, and you might even be able to find some liner bags too.


It’s probably a good idea that you test out your bear spray when you get it, just to be sure it works and that you know how to use it, but only do a short, fraction of a second burst so that you don’t waste it.  In the heat of the moment you want to be able to quickly spray a burst of pepper spray, and not end up spraying yourself or failing to pull the trigger in time, so practice a little bit.

And the liner bags will really help lock in your food smells, so it’s a good idea to get a few of them.  But the canister probably should also be filled with ANYTHING you’re carrying that has an appealing scent.  I mean, if you use lotion that makes you smell like a fruit basket then a bear might want to check out that lotion bottle, so put that in the canister as well.  If they’re not use to smelling it then they’re going to want to check it out, so don’t keep it on you in the tent.


If that wasn’t enough then check out the official Backpacker’s Cache site, here:

And check out the official UDAP site, here:


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