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Swallow Falls State Park – Home of the Highest Waterfall in Maryland

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Muddy Creek Falls (53 feet) Highest Waterfall in Maryland

Muddy Creek Falls (53 feet) Highest Waterfall in Maryland

If you’re into waterfalls then you’re definitely going to want to check out Swallow Falls State Park!  But, interestingly enough, the waterfall that steals the show isn’t called Swallow Falls; it’s called Muddy Creek Falls, and water crashes 53 feet down the rocks of this waterfall.  I found it a little odd that the park wasn’t named after the highest waterfall in the state, but the namesake falls have  a cool meaning behind their name.

You see, there’s a big rock pillar that has trees growing on top of it, like an elevated island, and it sits right below Upper Swallow Falls.  And tons of cliff swallows use to nest on that little rocky island, hence the name of the falls and the park.  I only found that out after I got back from my trip, but I was actually thinking about climbing up that little rock pillar when I was there.  I opted not to, since it was wet, but I really loved the short cliff trail and the 4 falls and rapids in this area, and I think you will too!

In fact, take a look at my trip here:


Well, if you’re from the area, it’s pretty dang close to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland but, to make things easy for you, just CLICK HERE for a map that will direct you right to Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland, Maryland.  There’s a big parking lot (marked by the green arrow) with bathrooms, picnic tables and the office surrounding it.  You’ll see the start of the trail is right off the one corner of the parking lot as well.


Make sure that you have some one dollar bills on you, because it appears that they don’t staff the booth for entrance fees.  They run on an honor system, so you probably won’t be able to get change for bigger bills, unless someone else is there.

And, as with all waterfall locations, be careful when you try to get up close and personal with the waterfalls.  They allow you to walk right up to the top and base of every waterfall and the water is moving FAST, so don’t be too careless.


Well, if that wasn’t enough for you then here is the official Swallow Falls State Park site:

And if you’d like to really absorb the nature without my face popping up every minute or two, then here is an instrumental version of my trip:

And, as always, here are some more pictures:


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