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The Highest Point in Ohio and the Chief Leatherlips Monument

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Chief Leatherlips Monument by Ralph Helmick

Chief Leatherlips Monument by Ralph Helmick

If you’re into reaching new heights in exploration and climbing on top of sculptures then you really should check out these places!  I’ve had a goal for a while to travel to the highest points in every single state in the United States, as well as highpoints in Canada and Mexico, and I just recently began working toward that goal, with Ohio’s highpoint.  It’s named Campbell Hill and is currently located inside a fenced-in school area, named the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. Now, this wasn’t exactly a big challenge, since it’s only 1,549 feet above sea level and you can park right beside the highpoint.  But hey, you have to start somewhere, right?  And it’s cool that they have a logbook and little “certificates of achievement” which you can fill out as proof that you were there.

But after I finished standing on the highest point I could possibly find in Ohio, I headed to see an eleven foot tall, stone sculpture which you’re actually allowed to stand on as well.  The Chief Leatherlips Monument was created by Ralph Helmick, in his unique way of layering things, in honor of an old Wyandot chief who was say to never break a promise, with the white man or his fellow natives.  His life might not have ended too beautifully but the park where the monument is located is said to have been the location of his final hunting camp.

Scioto Park really is a beautiful park, filled with waterfowl, which you’ll soon see when you watch the video below:


And just to be sure that you make it to the right locations, I’m going to provide you with directions to the exact spots.  As I said before, you’ll have to drive inside the fenced in area, of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center in Bellefontaine, Ohio, to get to Ohio’s highpoint, but you can park in a lot right beside the highpoint, which you can see if you CLICK HERE.  The green arrow on the map is where you want to go, and the highpoint is underneath those trees, up and to the right of where you’ll be parking.

But if you want to go check out the Chief Leatherlips monument then you’ll want to head to Dublin, Ohio’s Scioto Park and park where the green arrow is located when you CLICK HERE.  You can actually see the monument off to the left of the parking lot, if you switch to the satellite view; it looks like a white V out in the lawn.


If you’re coming to see the highpoint during the day, then you should have no problem driving up to the parking lot, unless it’s a Sunday.  The gate you have to drive through isn’t open at all hours, but they told me that there is a gate you can walk through, at any time of the day.  So, if the gate isn’t open for you to drive through, then just park your car, walk through the smaller gate and you’re good to go!  It won’t be much of a walk, either way.

And, as with most parks, Scioto Park is really only open from dawn to dusk.  Which I don’t think would be much of a problem, since I’m sure most of you like to see places like this during the daylight hours.


If that wasn’t enough for you, then I’d like to direct you to my favorite site, when it comes to highpoints, so that you can get more information on Campbell Hill.  You can check that out here:

And you can check out more information on Chief Leatherlips here:

And check out more of Ralph Helmick’s artwork here:

And here are more pictures:


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